Jesse Bradford is mostly recognized for his role as Kirsten Dunst's adorable love interest in Bring It On. But the star of the time-warping adventure flick Clockstoppers — opening Friday — doesn't mind being known as the cheerleader's boyfriend.

"It doesn't bug me," Bradford tells TV Guide Online. "For me to resent Bring It On in any way would be kind of stupid. I'm glad when people call me that because it gets me work."

"You've got to be the guy from something," the 22-year-old actor acknowledges. "Until Tom Hanks became Tom Hanks, he was the guy from Bosom Buddies. You can probably say that for everybody. I guess you change over at some point, but that's a level and a league that I'm not playing in yet."

Though he's no household name, the young actor has already had a shot that many Tinseltowners clamber for — a starring role in a Steven Soderbergh film. Bradford worked with Julia Roberts's favorite director on 1993's King of the Hill, and would love to have the chance again. "I would take him up on [another role] in the blink of an eye," he gushes. "I probably wouldn't even give much consideration to character. I'd just be like, 'Yeah, I'll do it.' But he hasn't asked yet, so we'll see."

While waiting for that call, he's busy looking for other work. But after the fast pace of filming Clockstoppers, not too much work, please! "I frankly am looking for a supporting role right now," he admits. "That's not to say I wouldn't take a lead role. It's an amazing kind of challenge, but when you do a supporting role, half of the time you spend on paid vacation. You work for a couple of days and take a couple of days off. It's a great way to work."