Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is making it known that his Chrysler Super Bowl commercial does not mean he's a supporter of President Barack Obama.

"I am certainly not politically affiliated with Mr. Obama," Eastwood told Fox News Channel in a statement. "It was meant to be a message just about job growth and the spirit of America. I think all politicians will agree with it. I thought the spirit was OK."

The spot, which ran during halftime, has the actor declaring: "It's halftime in America too. People are out of work and they're hurting and they're all wondering what they're going to do to make a comeback." Republicans such as Karl Rove — who said he was "offended" by the commercial — and Michelle Malkin responded that it alluded to his support in the auto industry bailout.

"Agh. WTH? Did I just see Clint Eastwood fronting an auto bailout ad???" Malkin tweeted Sunday night.

"I just want to say that the spin stops with you guys, and there is no spin in that ad. On this I am certain," Eastwood added. "I am not supporting any politician at this time."

What do you think about the message of the commercial?