Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood

Age is nothing but a number, right?

Clint Eastwood is 82 years old, but he says he may have another 20-plus years in him as a film director, The Associated Press reports.

"It would be great to be 105 and still making films," Eastwood said Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival, citing 104-year-old Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira.

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Calling the notion "the ultimate optimism," Eastwood says his age and the longevity of his career occasionally work to his advantage.

"In the early days it was more of a fight" to get films green-lit," he told the audience. "Now, they go, 'Oh, well, if he's the old guy... '"

Eastwood last appeared on screen in 2012's Trouble with the Curve and his most recent directorial project was 2011's J. Edgar. He has several films in development and is also the subject of a new documentary, Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story, which screened at the Tribeca Film Festival.