Jennifer Love Hewitt and Marco Draper Jennifer Love Hewitt and Marco Draper

On Lifetime's The Client List, struggling single mom Riley (Jennifer Love Hewitt) makes ends meet by working as a prostitute in a local massage parlor called The Rub. Riley is broke and she's still reeling from the news that her husband, who just left her, had a secret prescription drug addiction.

These are all real-world problems, depicted with some degree of realism. But after Sunday's episode, we're calling foul on another of the show's details: The Rub's clientele is ridiculously, implausibly good-looking.

But why? Is this realistic? Does it glamorize prostitution? (You get to have sex with hot guys!) We wanted answers, so we headed straight to the source and asked Jennifer Love Hewitt if this TV fantasy has any basis in the truth.

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"We definitely went for extraordinarily good-looking guys for the first couple of episodes," Hewitt admits, "just to sort of promise the ladies what they were hoping for — it is

a TV series, after all! But the guys do get a little more normal-looking as the series goes on."Another surprise? For a series about prostitution, the show has been decidedly PG — and according to Hewitt, that's not going to change any time soon. "There are definitely episodes and moments where it will get racier, but I think that people will be pleasantly surprised by how we sort of push the envelope to the point where you think you're going to get uncomfortable, and then we cut out to something else." It's hard to tell whether that's a relief of a letdown."It is an important story and she is a mom at the end of the day," Hewitt says. "We wanted the show to have a certain amount of class and elegance to the story telling," she says.Have you been watching The Client List? Do you think it has class and elegance? Does it make you want to become a prostitute?The Client List airs Sundays at 10/9c on Lifetime.