Kiefer Sutherland, <EM>24</EM> Kiefer Sutherland, 24
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Dancing with the Stars
I don't know enough about television programming to tell if ABC's shooting itself in the high heel with this loooong results show. If I didn't have to write about it and if I knew that every single dance would air unedited again on Friday, I'd skip Thursday's episode altogether. Of course, I did want to rewatch some performances: George's "Top Hat," Stacy's near-perfect rumba and Tatum's meltdown. In confessional, Tatum seemed to blame it all on the praise people gave her after the first episode, then she burst into tears and declared that she didn't like the show anymore. As for the results, the first surprise was that Drew and Cheryl weren't among the first to move on maybe it was just as Drew feared and the voters assumed they didn't need any help. And then the fickle voters proved that rude and proud (Master P) is more desirable than defensive and childishly frail (Tatum). I bet the judges wish they could write something more than "Sorry!" on their score panels.