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Claws Star Niecy Nash Teases a Pregnancy in Season 3

Plus, Carrie Preston previews the show's 'freaky' new couple

Keisha Hatchett

The strong female friendships in Claws are what root this flamboyant crime drama firmly to the ground, even as it burns through exciting plot twists at breakneck speed. However, it looks like that fierce sisterhood will be tested in Season 3 now that Desna (Niecy Nash) has seized control of the criminal world that constantly underestimated her.

After inheriting a casino from her dead fiancé, Ruval (Jimmy Jean-Louis), she's finally where she wants to be financially, but she'll soon learn that being the boss and having all that money isn't what it's cracked up to be. Running this new business venture will be a lot harder than she anticipates, and this accidental blessing might end up being the very thing that drives her girls apart.

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"You could sum up Season 3 by saying more money, more problems," Niecy Nash told TV Guide. "The casino is going to test the relationships with the women in a great way, so it's gonna be a lot of stress on those [friendships]. She's always trying to get matters of the heart figured out so we'll see what happens."

As she works to keep her squad intact, Desna will also face trouble from her new business partners Mac (Michael Horse) and Melba (Rebecca Crekoff), the sinister couple with their own agenda. The pair might present as a normal on the outside, but according to Carrie Preston, who plays Polly, it's all just a well-constructed front.

"They are some of the weirdest characters you might have seen ever, certainly on this show," said Preston. "And they're into some funky, freaky things. They'll start to reveal themselves as the episodes go on." If we've learned anything from previous seasons, though, it's that nothing is ever as it seems.

But Mec and Melba might not be the only new additions to Claws this season. Nash revealed that "somebody is pregnant" on the show, but she wouldn't elaborate on who. Could it be Desna, who has rekindled her complicated fling with Roller (Jack Kesy)? Perhaps it's Jennifer (Jennifer Lyon), whose hips have been practically sewn to her husband's ever since waking him from a coma with sex.

Find out who's expecting in Season 3 of Claws, which premieres Sunday, June 9 at 9/8c on TNT.

​Judy Reyes and Niecy Nash, Claws

Judy Reyes and Niecy Nash, Claws

Patti Perret/TNT