Whitney Port Whitney Port

Nice-girl Whitney Port has just set foot in New York City, and already, scruffy East Coast men are fighting over her.

In a new sneak peek of Port's upcoming reality show, The City, her love interest Jay (the shaggy-haired Aussie musician) and the adoring Alex (the beanie-wearing male model she's casting aside), have a terse exchange over which one's the better man for the newly arrived reality star. With the aid of subtitles, we learn that accusations are flying, covering everything from cheating, to taking advantage of the innocent Port and an ex-girlfriend who may still be around. The only thing for sure is that the animosity is heating up — and it's only the Hills spin-off's first episode.

Port's left to stand on the sidelines, as the man from down under sputters and Alex lays down the law. Is this really the best Whit can do on the romance front? With which suitor should she spend at least one more episode?  Check out the clip and let us know how you think the new series is shaping up.