Question: I might have to shred my Aushole membership card if I don't get some scoop about the single greatest new show (along with Reaper and Pushing Daisies) of the season, Chuck.

Answer: It's pretty hard to shred something that doesn't exist, Clay. Nice try. But you may be onto something with this membership-card idea. I like it. Any graphic designers out there with time on your hands? Get me three or four Aushole ID mockups by Friday. In return, I'll give you a little Chuck scoop from the show's Paley Fest session last week: Josh Schwartz was deadly serious when he told the crowd that it's his goal to cast Van Damme as one of next season's Big Bads. "I would love to have him on the show," Schwartz later told me. "I'm just not sure if he's available." This just in: After doing absolutely no some digging, I can confirm that Van Damme is most definitely available.