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She's not a witch, but she's starting to seem like a runaway interviewee. On the same day that she abruptly ended a Piers Morgan Tonight interview over what she perceived as rudeness, Delaware Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell experienced another abbreviated interview.

A Wednesday morning chat with Salt Lake City's X96 became heated during a discussion with host Bill Allred regarding the margin by which O'Donnell beat Mike Castle in last year's Republican primary for the Delaware Senate.  After some back and forth, it became apparent that O'Donnell was no longer on the line and Allred announced, "She's gone. Yeah, gone. She's gone! She didn't hang up. I bet her publicist hung up. Yeah."

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Richie Steadman, the producer of the show, Radio from Hell, said that O'Donnell's rep reached out after. "They called back and said, 'Oh, we're having some phone troubles, got to go.' And it was about that long," he told the Huffington Post.

O'Donnell's publicist, Joseph Rinaldi, explained to the site that the interview was part of a satellite tour of several stations in succession. "The connection was lost during the interview and the board operator called them back on another line to apologize, but by the time the satellite radio folks got through to apologize for whatever happened with the signal we had to move on to the next station."

Listen to the interview below:

KXRK X96 RFH - Christine O'Donnell by Magallanes90