Though Kelly Clarkson took the top prize on American Idol, finalist Christina Christian still feels like a winner. She's currently working on a record of her own, which she hopes to release sometime this summer. Did the normally surly Simon Cowell — who had an obvious soft spot for this 21-year-old crooner — offer her a helping hand?

"He'll be involved with my career," Christian confirms to TV Guide Online. "He works really closely with Simon Fuller, who is my manager, and [19 Entertainment], the recording company that I'm signed with. So he's very much involved."

For some reason we can't imagine, Christian thinks the Idol judge has gotten a bit of a bad rap. "He just genuinely seemed to be nice," she insists. "We got along very well and he's a very nice person. I have nothing bad to say about him."

If she ever does feel like getting back at Paula, Randy and Simon, though, she'll get her chance as an on-camera correspondent for the TV Guide Channel. Starting this week, look for Christian to offer up her opinion of the Idol 2 contestants on Monday and Tuesday nights, during the Music News and Entertainment News segments.

"Its my time to get my revenge on some of their bad comments," she laughs. "I will definitely say when I think they are being a little bit too harsh. Because I think in the second season, they might be a little bit harsher." Let the fur fly!