Christina Applegate Christina Applegate

Samantha Who? star and cancer survivor Christina Applegate appeared on Ellen and declared that she's ready to hug again after her double mastectomy surgeries.

Applegate told host Ellen DeGeneres on Friday's show that "I went back to work for about five weeks right after the second surgery," but didn't tell anyone (save her close friends) about her diagnosis, reports People magazine.

After the surgeries, Applegate became wary of people hugging her, especially at the extra-huggy Stand Up to Cancer fund-raiser where she and DeGeneres recently bonded.

But, after Ellen apologized for hugging her at the event, Christina perked up and declared she's ready and willing to hug again, telling the host, "[I'm feeling] so much better than the last time I saw you." Ellen responded with, "I'm going to hug you a bunch during this commercial break."

The 36-year-old Applegate was diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer earlier this year. She is now cancer-free.