Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera

Guess what, guys? Christina Aguilera is not over her whole "Dirrty" phase, if the new video for "Not Myself Tonight" is any indication 

In the S&M inspired clip, Aguilera wears several dominatrix-style outfits as she dances, crawls, writhes and makes obscene gestures. There's also a smattering of obligatory girl-on-girl action with Step Up's Jenna Dewan.

The video, which debuted on Vevo at midnight Thursday, is already being called a Lady Gaga and/or Madonna rip-off — which in many ways it is. It for sure mimics Madonna's "Human Nature" bondage vibe, Lady Gaga's outrageous wardrobe, and in some spots, Aguilera's physical resemblance to Gwen Stefani is uncanny. But Lady Gaga also stole from Madonna, so we can't really hold a grudge over artists drawing inspiration from their predecessors, can we?

Watch Madonna's "Human Nature" video

What we do hold a grudge about is the blatant, three-second freeze-frame on Aguilera's new perfume right in the middle of the song. We were always under the impression product placement was supposed to be subtle.

Watch the video (WARNING: The following contains kinky stuff, a dirty word, and flagrant product placement):