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Buh-bye bad combover! Hello, bald head!

Christian Bale was nearly unrecognizable when he landed at Los Angeles Intl. Airport on Sunday sporting a beard and a bald head, US Weekly reports. The Oscar winner, 39, has been known for his luscious locks for many years ranging from his slicked-back look in 2000's American Psycho to his days as Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy, which ended last year.

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Bale was most recently filming David O. Russell's new film, American Hustle, in Boston and New York. The '70s-set movie required that Bale rock an atrocious combover, but he wasn't the only star that had to change their 'do. Jennifer Lawrence rocked a major bouffant-type hairstyle for the film, and Bradley Cooper was seen sporting super tight curls. Filming on the movie ended Saturday.

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