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No Disrespect to Pine, but Chris Jericho Is the True Renaissance Chris

From wrestler to monster hunter, he's literally done it all and is still going

Keisha Hatchett

Don't get me wrong, Christopher Whitelaw Pine and his inexplicable love of OshKosh B'gosh overalls are the rulers of my heart. However, I also recognize that while talented, handsome and charming, Pine is not the Chris who can truly do it all.

There's only one Chris who, as an actor, rock star, podcaster, tastemaker, New York Times best-selling author, and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, transcends every stereotype you might have about a guy who body slams people for a living. His name is Chris Jericho, the true Renaissance Chris. Even if you think you're too cultured for wrasslin', there's a good chance you've come across this golden-haired chameleon in some form or another.

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An intellectual beast who can also throw down in the ring, Jericho owns the mic with cerebral insults like "sycophant" and "troglodyte." The self-proclaimed Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla, he changed the game of wrestling by proving that heavyweight champions don't need to be bulky, six-feet-tall cavemen with his medium frame and eye-popping aerial assaults. He's easily one of the most decorated wrestlers of all time and will no doubt end up in the Hall of Fame, but what truly sets him apart from the pack is his charismatic presence, which is highlighted by a laundry list of unforgettable catchphrases still uttered by Jericholics to this day. Whether it's calling grown men "assclowns" or purposefully referring to Perry Saturn as "Jupiter," wrestling is always an unmissable event whenever he takes the stage. But that's just one aspect of his multi-faceted career.

Chris Jericho
Simon Hofmann, Bongarts/Getty Images

Jericho conquered the podcasting world before podcasting was a thing with insightful and unfiltered interviews for Talk is Jericho, a laid back series in which guests from all sides of the entertainment industry open up about their lives and careers. Unafraid to try anything at least once, he even served as a correspondent for shows like VH1's Best Week Ever and I Love the '80s.

Sure, Pine's penchant for taking on interesting roles has made him one of Hollywood's most sought-after actors. But Jericho is carving his own path in the industry with fascinating projects like the Travel Channel banger Chris Jericho: Monster Hunting, which found him uncovering the truth behind the fearsome swamp creatures believed to inhabit the swamps of Southern Louisiana, and But I'm Chris Jericho!, the 2013 web comedy loosely based on his life.

After examining his wide away of projects, which also include the New York Times bestselling book The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea, a themed cruise, and fronting the Billboard-charting metal band Fozzy for two decades, it's clear that we're still only scratching the surface of this enigmatic figure.

Drink it in, maaaan! Chris Jericho slaying the life game and even with a successful podcast, rock band and wrestling career under his belt, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Can your favorite Chris say the same?

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