Chris Harrison Chris Harrison

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is getting a refresher course on what it's like to debut a new show.

"I haven't had this in a long time," he says about the Monday premiere of his game show You Deserve It (9/8c, ABC). "I have a brand new show that nobody knows about and I really hope people watch."

A classical trivia show with a heartwarming and altruistic Extreme Makeover: Home Edition- type element, You Deserve It features one contestant per episode trying to win money for someone in their life whom they'd like to reward. In the premiere, Stacey plays to win money for her best friend, a mother of two who recently lost her husband. 

"There's a moment in the premiere episode when she's grinding, the puzzles are hard, she's under the lights, there's so much pressure and she realizes, 'Oh my God, I came here to change my friend's life and I'm actually going to do that.' It's this release of emotion when we knew the concept worked," he says.

While the competitor racks up money through five rounds of game play with Harrison, Brooke Burns is standing by with the prize-money recipient's friends and family for the reveal. "There's that Publisher's Clearing House moment where you run in and there's tears and joy," he says. "These people are incredibly strong and have persevered and they've run into some hard times so the people around them want to give back and reward them."

Harrison believes that whether you're a fan of game shows, reality television or neither, you'll enjoy You Deserve It. "There's no antagonist,  you just root everyone on and wish everybody well, [and] it has all the elements that you need: It's dramatic and entertaining and meaningful," he says. "It's really about the story and the people and not as much about the game and the money."

Watch a clip from Monday's premiere below: