The Bachelor, Jamie and Ben The Bachelor, Jamie and Ben

After weeks of waiting to have her first kiss with Ben, Jamie finally made a move leading to one of The Bachelor's most cringe-worthy awkward moments. In this week's chat with host Chris Harrison, he explains that the New York nurse was out of her element, why the two-on-one date could've gone either way and how next week Ben finally confronts Courtney.    

Courtney outdid herself on this week's group date by basically going topless:
Chris Harrison:
If anybody was surprised by that, you're crazy — that was so her. But I have to say when she's on the group dates she dominates. Bless these girls playing a completely different game and being so worried about each other. As Courtney says, these group dates are like one-on-one dates for her. I know it's rubbing everyone the wrong way, but it's rubbing Ben the right way.

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Did you think Rachel had the two-on-one date with Blakeley in the bag?
: No, honestly either one of them could've gone, but he didn't have anything with Blakeley. The more Blakeley pushed and opened herself up the more he realized, I don't feel that way about you. You hate to make this whole a game, but it is. You have two people and one girl is just making it easy on you, hugging on you, kissing on you, a little affirmation here and there, and then you walk into another room and the girl is insecure and crying. Who are you going to be attracted to?

What did you think watching Jamie and Ben's first kiss?
: You can tell she's shy ... and she was obviously out of her element. That was easily one of the most horrifying moments in the history of the show. It was sad, horrifying, funny — it's rare you feel every emotion possible, but you just didn't know what to do watching.

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Was it awkward telling Casey S. she had to go home?
: The whole point with her was that I didn't want it to be confrontational. In no way was it a Bentley or Rozlyn thing, where she had come on to deceive. Through talking to the girls and hearing from the boyfriend [it was apparent] she was in love with this guy [at home] and she really just came to the realization on the show. I think she came on the show to try to get over this guy, but it just didn't work.

It looks like next week, Ben finally confronts Courtney.
He hears more from other girls and so he finally says, we're getting way late in this process if there's this much smoke there's got to be something to it. So there's a confrontation next week where it all comes to a head.

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