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Okay kids, this is it. Time to strap on the monkey suit, grab the lunch pail and get to work. This has been a hectic but exciting Emmy week. It's been extremely fun working closely with my partner, Carrie Ann Inaba, laying the groundwork for what we hope will be a fantastic, entertaining show for you Sunday night.

I guess it's my athletic background, but I've always approached big days and big shows just like I did big games. You prepare really hard early on but in the days leading up to the show, you gotta shut it down. For the last few weeks, I've been studying, producing, promoting and selling as hard as I can, but now that it's Emmy weekend, it's time to shut it down. We all work a little differently, but for me I think you reach that point of diminishing returns.

Saturday, I'll do a little studying and I'll meet Carrie Ann and the crew down at the Nokia Theatre and do a little rehearsing on the actual stage to get the feel of it. Sunday, I'll try to sleep in but if you have kids like I do, you realize that's a joke and just isn't gonna happen. I'll head downtown early and relax in a hotel room until it's time for Carrie Ann and me to be taken to the red carpet. We'll walk the red carpet ourselves before taking the stage to start the show.

I don't change much of anything on big weeks like this. I don't work out or eat any more or less than I ever do. I always felt it was important to keep everything the same. You start treating something like it's different, then you get caught up in it and you become less effective. I've always found visualizing a big game or interview helps me. I'll lay in bed running through red carpet interviews in my head. If I don't like how it went, I'll run through it again... in my head. By the time I run into a celeb on the carpet, I'm relaxed and comfortable because I feel like I've already interviewed them several times, even if I've never met them before. It's amazing how many interviews will go exactly how I imagined. But sometimes what I thought would be a really good line or joke falls flat, and I'm thinking to myself, it went so much better in my head the other night.

As I said, it's time to shut it down and get ready for a great Emmy Red Carpet. Thanks to for letting Carrie Ann and me take you through our first of what will hopefully be many Emmy weeks together. I do hope you'll join us Sunday night before the big show. In the meantime you can always reach me on twitter @chrisbharrison or on Facebook. Have a great Emmy weekend!

Chris Harrison and Carrie Ann Inaba host TV Guide Network's live Red Carpet coverage of the 61st Primetime Emmy® Awards on Sunday, September 20th at 6/5c.

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