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Chris Brown says he still loves Rihanna after an incident six months ago that left her bloodied and bruised.

"When I look at it now, it's just like, wow, like, I can't — I can't believe that — that actually happened," Brown said on Larry King Live in his first television interview, set to air Wednesday.

Though early reports of the King interview indicated that Brown said he didn't remember the incident, the singer issued a detailed statement to, in which he says that he misspoke in the 30-second clip that CNN released, which he says is not representative of the one-hour segment.

"Of course I remember what happened," Brown says in the statement. "Several times during the interview, my mother said that I came to her right afterwards and told her everything. But it was and still is a blur. And yes, I still can't believe it happened because it is not me or who I am, nor is what happened like anything I have ever done before.

"As I have said several times previously, I am ashamed of and sorry for what happened that night and I wish I could relive that moment and change things, but I can't. I take full responsibility for my actions."

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The 20-year-old was sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community labor after pleading guilty to felony assault. Brown must also complete a year-long domestic violence program and cannot come within 100 yards of Rihanna for the next five years. The separation has been "difficult," he said, because he still loves Rihanna.

Brown reiterated his feelings in a separate interview with People, saying he "never fell out of love with her. That just wouldn't go away."

Rihanna, 21, has been in contact with Brown's mother, Joyce Hawkins, who accompanied Brown to the Larry King Live interview, along with his attorney, Mark Geragos. "[I] let her know that I was very, very baffled, what had happened, and apologized for my son, along with I'm so sorry what happened to you," Hawkins said. "And I didn't know what — I didn't know what else to say, and I gave her a hug, and she hugged me as well."

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Hawkins, whom Rihanna calls "Mom," said she was "totally shocked, totally upset" after her son told her what happened the night of the assault. "I know Chris has never, ever been a violent person."Mother and son lived in an abusive home, but Brown said he's not blaming his past for his attack on Rihanna. "That's not who I am as a person, and that's not who I promise I want to be," he said. "I made a mistake, and I — and it was just something I have to live up to and own."Watch a clip of Brown's Larry King Live interview below.