Chris Brown Chris Brown

Seriously, what the hell, ABC?

Ever since the network announced that Chris Brown would perform on last night's Dancing With the Stars results show — days after he trashed his Good Morning America dressing room in a fit of rage over being asked about his attack on Rihanna — we've all been scratching our heads. Sure, he has a hit record out right now, but he also has a record of hitting. It just didn't sit right with a lot of folks that this guy got a pass. Especially since it wasn't that long ago that Adam Lambert, who has never been charged with brutalizing anyone, was once banned from GMA for simply kissing a dude on the '09 American Music Awards.

Now don't think we're not down with the forgiveness idea, and yes, everyone deserves a second chance. But that busted window at the GMA studios was his second chance. After a year of anger-management classes, restraining orders and what surely had to be the tireless efforts of an image-repair team, Brown proved to the world that he is not a changed man. He's a violent one. And that kind of behavior deserves consequences, not a promotional push.

Yet there he was last night, lip-syncing his way through two numbers, the first surrounded by dancers in karate attire. You know, the kind of fighters whose hands are often registered as weapons. Nice, right?

So we ask you, dear DWTS fans: How do you feel about Chris Brown being given what amounts to oodles of free publicity, after everything he's done?

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