China Chow China Chow

The daughter of a high-end restaurateur and a model/designer, China Chow knows all about good taste and great art. Which explains why the actress-model is the picture-perfect host and judge of TV's most creative competition Work of Art (Wednesday, 10/9c, Bravo), in which contemporary artists vie to win a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

TV Guide Magazine: As an art aficionado, who on the show has impressed you the most?

Chow: I know the outcome, so I can't say anything without giving it away!

TV Guide Magazine: Are they up to this week's challenge of creating art in teams?

Chow: I'll say one thing, they start bickering in front of us, and that isn't pretty. It was difficult to watch.

TV Guide Magazine: Another work of art on this show is your wardrobe. It's stunning!

Chow: We try to match my outfits to the challenges. In the episode where they drive through New York City [for inspiration], I have this dress that looks very much like a car seat!

TV Guide Magazine: And how are you as an artist?

Chow: [Laughs] Oh, I'm not!

TV Guide Magazine: Even when you were a kid and it was hanging on the fridge?

Chow: When I was younger, I was better, and then as I got older and got into my head, it was not as good.

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