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Chicago P.D. fans were disappointed when Season 3's planned road-trip episode, in which Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) drive to Wisconsin, didn't pan out. Now, one half of the Linstead couple has revealed exactly why the episode never happened.

Sophia Bush told TVLine that the road trip episode was scheduled to come right after the episode where Lindsay confronted Gregory Yates, the escaped serial killer who murdered her friend. "It didn't feel appropriate to have that happen on the heels of it," Bush says. "Our show is very often dealing with sensitive material, especially with where we are at the end of our third season. It didn't work energetically or in a linear way to do a show that felt a little bit like a departure and had so much comedy in it."

Despite enthusiasm from fans and creators alike — Bush said that writers even drafted a script for the episode — they couldn't make it work this season.

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"We serve the show, first and foremost, before ourselves or anything else," Bush said.

Bush did promise that Linstead fans will get more intimate workplace moments, saying, "I know that we're trying to give the audience a little bit more of what they want in that respect."

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