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Chicago Med Mega Buzz: Ethan's Sister Will Spark More Relationship Woes with April

Can they make it over this latest hurdle?

Keisha Hatchett

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Ethan (Brian Tee) and April (Yaya DaCosta) have had their ups and downs on Chicago Med, and while they've made some progress with how they want to handle their relationship in the workplace, they'll soon be at odds again.

"They will continue to have some clash, because there's a difference in them, in power structure," co-showrunner Diane Frolov tells TV Guide.

After all, Ethan outranks April as a doctor and that will continue to cause some major relationship woes. However, their latest fight will become more personal when Ethan's estranged sister comes to town and opens up old wounds.

"April wants him to be more involved with his sister. And because of Ethan's past history with his sister, who's had a lot of problems, he's reluctant," explains co-showrunner Andrew Schneider.

It's true, April is extremely family-oriented and has a close relationship with her brother, which clashes with Ethan's dysfunctional family structure. But that doesn't mean you should give up on them just yet. If we've learned anything from these two in the past, it's that they fight for what they want and boy, are they good at fighting.

Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

Brian Tee, Chicago Med

Brian Tee, Chicago Med

Elizabeth Sisson/NBC