Way back at the beginning of this season on Chicago Med, Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) and his new mentor, Dr. Latham (Ato Essandoh), got off on the wrong foot, to put it mildly, due in part to the fact that Dr. Latham made it clear that Connor wasn't his first choice for a protégé. And now that the two surgeons have settled into a friendship of sorts, we're about to find out who it was that so wowed Dr. Latham.

That's right: In the Season 2 finale, Rhodes and his competitor will come face to face when the young woman, at Dr. Latham's encouragement, arrives at Gaffney all the way from South Africa to begin a stint as a second-year fellow. Predictably, Dr. Rhodes doesn't take kindly to his new hot-shot colleague, and of course Dr. Latham's none the wiser.

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"He's expecting them to work well together, because they're both such great young surgeons," executive producer Andrew Schneider tells us. "[But] she will be a thorn in [Connor's] side."

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