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Chicago Med Season 3: Will and Natalie Face a Troubled Road Ahead

Showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov weigh in

Keisha Hatchett

As Chicago Med gears up for its third season, a number of questions still need to be answered. Namely, did Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) survive being shot by one of his patients? And what does this mean for the safety of the rest of the staff?

While the show will address those pressing queries in the premiere, other questions will take a bit longer to be answered, including whether or not Will (Nick Gehlfuss) and Natalie (Torrey DeVitto)'s relationship has what it takes to survive taking things to the next level.

According to showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov, the pair's problems are far from over now that they're officially a couple -- and they aren't the only ones suffering from romantic drama this season! Ethan (Brian Tee) and April (Yaya DaCosta) will also struggle to navigate their relationship after that kiss at Noah's (Roland Buck III) party.

TV Guide caught up with Schneider and Frolov to find out what's to come with all your favorite Chicago Med couples, plus scoop on the biggest problems the staff will face in Season 3.

Will broke up with Nina, admitting he still has feelings for Natalie. So does this mean that their "will they or won't they" dynamic is finally over?
Andrew Schneider: Yes. They're going to make a go of a romantic relationship, but it's not easy.
Diane Frolov: It's not an easy thing to accomplish. It becomes real now and so they have to deal with their relationship in the workplace where they often disagree with one another.
Schneider: But some of the emotional issues that make Natalie upset with Will in the past will resurface. He's a stubborn guy. He can be, at times, paternalistic. He wants to protect her, but that can also be seen as a kind of paternalism which he doesn't want. They come from very different backgrounds. For Will, it's no longer just a romantic projection or dream. She's a real person now and he has to learn who she is.

Torrey DeVitto, Nick Gehlfuss, Chicago Med
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Natalie is coming off that three-month sabbatical. How has she changed during that time away?
Schneider: It has made her game to try this relationship. But it's not gonna be easy. She's a single mom and the issue of raising her child is very important. He's never been married and doesn't have kids. So it's accommodating each other's lives and who they are in reality.

How will knowing Dr. Latham's first pick was Ava affect Connor (Colin Donnell) this season?

Frolov: We haven't seen him in that situation with another CT surgeon so that's gonna be there throughout the whole season, that competitive edge with these two.

There was a bit of sexual tension between Ava and Connor, especially when Becker tells him, "I like dangerous men." Are we going to see that continue on?
Frolov: Yes.
Schneider: Part of that sexual tension comes out of the fact that they're both competing for being the top dog in the CT world.

What does Ethan and April's relationship look like now that they're finally together?
Frolov: They have their problems too. It's hierarchal, their relationship. He's the doctor, she's the nurse and they're gonna keep butting heads over what their roles are.
Schneider: They're both hard asses in their own way, so it does create tension in their relationship. But they have a very healthy sex life.

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April is concerned about taking their relationship public. What's holding her back and how does Ethan feel about this?
Frolov: She just doesn't want to be looked at as that cliche thing. She's just not ready to come up against that.
Schneider: She works around a bunch of gossip.
Frolov: She'd rather just keep her relationship private for now.
Schneider: But it won't stay that way.

Sarah and Joey also broke up. She says she's glad he found someone new, but doesn't seem happy about it. Why does she lie to him?
Frolov: The truth is, she has so much on her plate that she doesn't have much room for thinking about romance. She's really consumed by things. So at this point, Noah is still hopeful.
Schneider: Yeah, he likes her but she doesn't really have space in her life for a romantic relationship.

Will this season introduce any new characters?
Frolov: We're going to introduce Sarah's father. We're also gonna meet Ethan's sister in the second half of the season.
Schneider: And we briefly meet Ava's mentor played by Malcolm McDowell.

What can you tease about Malcolm's appearance?
Schneider: He comes in as a patient. And requires a very particular kind of surgery which will surprise and shock everyone.

What crossovers can we expect this season?
Schneider: You're gonna see [Chicago PD's] Jay Halstead and Olinksy... [Chicago Fire's] Brett comes in. But there's more coming down the line.

What are some of the biggest obstacles the staff will face this season outside of their personal problems?
Schneider: We're gonna deal a lot with the financial pressures of the hospital. Particularly, how it affects Goodwin, who's trying to balance being fiscally responsible but also not skimping on patient care. Just dealing with the high cost of medicine and the pressure that creates both for administrators and staff -- the doctors. And patients have to make very difficult choices sometimes.

Season 3 of Chicago Med premieres Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 10/9c on NBC.