After a health scare that left him temporarily paralyzed, Chicago Med's Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) is back to full form and handling difficult patients like a pro.

In this exclusive clip of Tuesday's episode, Halstead doesn't break a sweat when a delusional patient is wheeled into his ER. After securing the disturbed young man to the gurney, he passes him off to Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) while a worried Sarah (Rachel DiPillo) looks on. Judging from her tense stare, she isn't too thrilled about having to look after him.

Sarah has grown increasingly paranoid of the patients in her care since Charles' shooting at the end of Season 2, viewing them as potential threats, and this will start to affect her ability to do her job.

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"Unfortunately, she's suffering a kind of PTSD from Charles being shot," co-showrunner Diane Frolov tells TV Guide. "She's very, very nervous around patients now because of violence." Added co-showrunner Andrew Schneider, "It's impeding her ability to treat patients properly."

A delusional man flailing and shouting gibberish probably isn't helping her situation.

Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

Nick Gehlfuss, Chicago MedNick Gehlfuss, Chicago Med