Things have been pretty rough for Severide (Taylor Kinney) on Chicago Fire. After a heated argument in which he took a swing at his father, dear old dad suffered a stroke and died before Severide got the chance to say goodbye. Forced to deal with the overwhelming guilt of never reconciling, this week's Fire finds the lieutenant fighting for his own life.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's stressful hour, Firehouse 51 responds to a seemingly routine house fire. With everyone evacuated, it initially looks like the crew has everything under control until the roof begins to cave in. Realizing things are about to go south very quickly, Boden (Eamonn Walker) orders his crew out of the blaze.

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"Emergency. Everybody out!" he shouts in the video.

The entire team gets the message except for Severide, who is stopped in is tracks for a yet to be known reason. The dazed firefighter remains at a standstill just as the roof collapses on top of him, leaving his fate up in the air. Will Severide make it out alive?

The episode, titled "The Solution to Everything," also finds Casey (Jesse Spencer) helping out Naomi on another case because he's a gentleman and possibly crushing on this spunky investigative reporter. Meanwhile, Herrmann (David Eigenberg), Mouch (Christian Stolte), Otis (Yuri Sardarov) and Cruz (Joe Minoso) search for a tantalizing memento from Boden's past: a hunkey firefighter calendar he took part in years ago.

See how it all turns out when Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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Taylor Kinney, <em>Chicago Fire</em>Taylor Kinney, Chicago Fire