If you thought things would cool off between Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) and Jimmy Borrelli (Steven R. McQueen) on Chicago Fire, think again. In Tuesday's Season 5 premiere (10/9c, NBC), the two men are on a collision course.

In this exclusive sneak peek from the season kickoff, Borelli's loyalty to 51 is so diminished that he requests a transfer back to truck. He seems convinced that it's the right move, but Boden can't help but wonder whether Jimmy's emotions are still too raw from his brother's death for him to make such a big decision.

"There's going to be some big punches thrown in the first couple episodes," executive producer Michael Brandt tells TVGuide.com. "Borrelli is really putting it to Boden. ... That will linger for a couple episodes and is something that will really challenge the house and challenge Boden as much, if not more than anything else he's had to deal with."

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Watch the video to see Boden's response to Borrelli's request - which probably won't do anything to bring the chief back into Borelli's good graces.

Chicago Fire returns Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 10/9c on NBC.