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Chicago Fire: 7 Moments That Made Us Love Dawson Even More

Let us count the ways in which we love Gabby

Keisha Hatchett

Whether she's heading into a blazing fire or breaking protocol to save a life, there's no doubt that Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) is one of the best parts of Chicago Fire.

Through her highs, like graduating from firefighter academy and marrying Casey (Jesse Spencer), and her lows, like blaming herself for Shay's (Lauren German) death, she can always be counted upon to help someone in need. That's why we're taking a moment to celebrate the fiercely strong EMT-turned-fire fighter-turned EMT again. Here are some of our favorite Gabby Dawson moments:

That time she punched Herrmann and made us laugh 'til we cried

Dawson may be a skilled paramedic but she also has a mean right jab. Herrmann (David Eigenberg) learned that the hard way while helping Jimmy (Steven R. McQueen) train for Season 4's Battle of the Badges. He and Dawson stepped in the ring to spar and Dawson's powerful hit brought the elder firefighter to his knees. Thankfully, Herrmann walked away with no injuries and we were gifted this hilarious moment.

When she finished the firefighter agility test despite twisting her ankle

One of Dawson's strongest qualities is her resolve to never give up no matter the circumstances and this moment certainly proved that. After helping out a fellow trainee during the big firefighter agility test in Season 2, she twisted her ankle while running up the stairs. Rather than throw in the towel, she made it through the course, bum ankle and all, and limped her way to the finish line. Props.

That time she kicked a frat boy out of her ambulance

When it comes to saving a patient's life, Dawson has no time for nonsense which is why she kicked an intoxicated frat boy out of her ambulance when he tried to force his way inside. The bold move landed her in hot water with her superiors but we all know she made the right call.

When she took command during that parking garage collapse

Monica Raymund, Chicago Fire

Monica Raymund, Chicago Fire

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Dawson's survival skills were put to the ultimate test at the beginning of Season 6 when a parking structure collapse left her trapped and without backup. Trained as both a paramedic and a firefighter, Dawson's quick thinking and invaluable knowledge is the reason everyone made it out of the rubble alive.

When she rescued Louie from the fire

What was supposed to be a typical apartment fire turned out to be something more when Dawson came across a scared little boy named Louie. Despite being surrounded by flames, she kept her calm while trying to convince the terrified toddler to walk toward her. When he finally did, the two formed an instant bond that would later inspire her to try and adopt him and, well, you know the rest.

When she talked that suicidal man down from the ledge

You could say Dawson's superpower is getting strangers to trust her. Case in point: a distraught man ready to jump to his death. Dawson's calm voice and soothing words were enough to talk him down from the ledge, earning the then-candidate one heck of a rescue.

When she slayed her first fire

Dawson's first fire was a tricky one with a building ablaze and no working hydrants nearby. Quickly switching gears, she found another water source in a building across the street and ended up saving the day! Not bad for her first outing as a candidate.

Chicago Fire returns Thursday, Jan. 4 at 10/9c on NBC.

Monica Raymund, Chicago Fire

Monica Raymund, Chicago Fire

John Tsiavis/NBC