<i>The Chicago Code</i> The Chicago Code

The Chicago Code's Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals) has had the support of her fellow police officers in her fight to rid the city of corruption... until now.

The Chicago Code's Jennifer Beals: Superwoman hasn't come to Chicago

"There is the old guard who does things the old way, the corrupt way, and that's not good enough anymore," Beals tells TVGuide.com. "She has to raise the moral standard in her own department. There are people who understand what she's trying to do and a lot of very powerful people who don't and are trying to take her down."In Monday's episode, after a multiple homicide takes place at the site of the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre, the mayor (guest star John Heard

) puts the screws to Colvin in the press to clear the case quickly. Seizing on her moment of weakness, the police union calls for an emergency vote to potentially remove Teresa from power."This is the biggest test for her, something we've been building towards," creator and executive producer Shawn Ryan says. "This episode allows us to look at the political pressures that one in her position faces. Trying to achieve consensus amongst a group of opinionated, armed officers is a tough task. She really has to scramble to defend herself. We see her rise and take her own fate in her hands."

The Chicago Code and other bubble shows: Which will survive?

Although Beals admires her character's steely resolve, her dedication to her work has created a noticeable lack of a personal life. "That's part of the price she has to pay," Beals says. "Who do you lose along the way? If you're completely focused on this one thing, there are other relationships that are going to fall by the wayside."But she says that won't necessarily be the case as the season winds down. Look for a return appearance from Adam Arkin's Chief Cuyler to stir the pot. "She has paid a personal cost to have this career she has," Ryan says. "There will be some temptation with [Cuyler]. She's going to make a choice between her professional life and personal life. Or is there a way to balance the two?"The Chicago Code airs Mondays at 9/8c on Fox.