Chevy Chase Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase is embroiled in a nasty war of words with Community creator Dan Harmon, according to Deadline.

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Last month, Chase, who plays Pierce Hawthorne, the heir to a moist towelette forturne, reportedly walked off the set without filming what was supposed to be the final shot of the season, according to the report. Later at the show's wrap party, Harmon reportedly roasted the actor in front of his family, instructing the crew to say, "F--- you, Chevy."

Shortly thereafter, Chase left an expletive-laden voicemail for Harmon complaining about his writing and his behavior. (Listen to the voicemail here. Warning: It features adult language some may find offensive.)

Although NBC has yet to announce if Community will be back for a Season 4, this dustup raises questions about Chase's future on the show. Interestingly, during an on-set interview with The Huffington Post near the end of production, Chase suggested he may not be on the show much longer.

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"If you know me and my humor over the years, you know that this [show] is certainly not my kind of thing," he said. "I probably won't be around that much longer, frankly. I have creative issues with this show. I always have. With my character, with how far you can take [Joel McHale's] character ... to that degree, I can't stand sitcoms."

Chase has also already thought of countless ways his character Pierce could die. "I could think of many funny ways. One would be right in the middle of one of these [interviews]," he added. "But who in God's name in this country would care?"