Chevy Chase Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase will return to Community next year. Or at least that's what Chevy Chase says.

During a Reddit AMA Monday night, the actor revealed, "I will be in a small cameo at the beginning of Community and if they ask me to come back and do one or two appearances, it's a possibility."

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However, a spokesperson for Sony, which produces the show, tells that "at this time, Chevy is not confirmed to appear in Season 6."

Chase and creator Dan Harmon had a notoriously contentious working relationship, which resulted in Harmon playing angry voicemails from the actor in public. In 2012, Chase even called doing the comedy a "big mistake." Not long after, production on Community was temporarily shut down after he used the N-word on set.

Chase opted not to return to the series for Season 5. However, he did appear in a brief cameo as a hologram after his character Pierce Hawthorne had been killed off-screen.

Community's 13-episode final season will premiere on Yahoo! next year. 
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