Ellen DeGeneres and Chelsea Handler Ellen DeGeneres and Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler  made sure her E! talk show Chelsea Latelywent out with a bang  Tuesday night, thanks to some help from her celebrity friends.

The series finale kicked off with Ellen DeGeneres confronting a naked Handler in the shower asking why she's never been invited to be on the show. "Is it because I'm a lesbian?" DeGeneres probed.

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Handler tried to talk her way out of the awkward situation, insisting at first that she didn't even know DeGeneres was a lesbian, before claiming she's a lesbian herself. Spoiler alert: It doesn't go well.

Sandra BullockJennifer Aniston and Mary McCormack showed up at one point for an intervention for Handler. "We love you Chelsea, but you have to get your head out of your ass. You have to get it out of your vagina," America's sweetheart Bullock said.  "You're not funny. You're not cool. I think you're probably one of the most unhip people I've ever met."

Handler's ex-boyfriend 50 Cent performed, as did Miley Cyrus. But it was the star-studded singalong featuring Gwen Stefani,FergieAlanis MoissetteGerard Butler and Dave Grohl that really made the night.

Here's hoping Handler's friends are still willing to pitch in when she moves to Netflix.