Top Chef Masters Top Chef Masters

Bravo brings its "A" game to the kitchen as 24 world-renowned chefs cook up a storm — in some truly bizarre situations — on Top Chef Masters (premiering Wednesday, June 10 at 10 pm/ET).

But why would these distinguished chefs mess with their already meritorious reputations? "It takes some major guts [to be on this show] because they're all well established and don't need to raise their profile in any way, shape or form," says host Kelly Choi, the new Padma. "So they're kind of already messing with something that's pristine, and they can only mess it up in a way. But they're doing it to raise money [for their charities]. And there's this incredible love and passion for the work they do."

Choi, the creator, producer and host of Eat Out NY, says the series follows a similar format to its predecessor, with notable differences — namely the absolute absurdity of the challenges. "These guys have seen it all and can do anything. So we need to give them twists." But we're not talking a missing ingredient here or a last-minute course addition there. Think more along the lines of creating an amuse bouche from a vending machine or cooking in a dorm room with the shower as one of your heating mechanisms. 

Choi also noted a distinct difference between Top Chef contestants trying to one-up each other and the intentions of the Masters "to just do the best they can in themselves." That said, don't expect everything will be lovey-dovey among these cheftestants. "It's like a family where everybody loves each other, but there's still drama and dysfunction."

Will you tune in to Top Chef Masters, or wait for Colicchio to show everyone what's really up when Top Chef  Season 6 heads to Las Vegas?