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Top Chef's final four are heading to New Orleans for the finale, but for cheftestant Leah Cohen, the "last supper" challenge was her last challenge altogether. The New York native explains why she didn't think she deserved to be eliminated, how she became mentally spent and how her boyfriend took the news about her Hosea hookup. Considering Stefan's salmon was overcooked, how do you feel about being eliminated for your egg dish?
Leah Cohen: I don't think I deserved to go home for what I made. They thought my poached egg was undercooked, which I disagree with. It's a very specific time and temperature — 62 degrees for 45 minutes — and it comes out perfect all the time. I think some people's proteins were overcooked and not what they were supposed to be. Stefan overcooked his salmon, but he wasn't going to go home because he's been killing it the entire competition. But it's their decision and they had their reasons, so it's fine. What was the deal with the Fabio drama?
Leah: Fabio is kind of like a big klutz and falls all the time. [Laughs] I heard he fell and broke his hand, but then I saw him all bandaged up and was like, "What the hell happened?!" But he really did a good job with that curve ball thrown at him. I know I wouldn't be able to handle it if I only had one hand. You seemed to give up during the filleting challenge. Why?
Leah: I actually just didn't want to do it any more. I was just over it, the competition and the show. It's not just a challenge on how you cook, but also a mental challenge and how you can deal with the stress that comes. I didn't want to do it anymore, and my mind was spent. I was mentally, physically over it at that point. Did the cameras following you around drive you nuts?
Leah: It was probably the most annoying thing that I've ever experienced. You wake up, and there's a camera. I didn't really get used to it until about midway through. But you never really forget they're there; they're in your face all the time. Did you know that the cameras caught you and Hosea kissing?
Leah: Actually, I didn't. They usually leave when everyone is going to sleep. How did your boyfriend take the news?
Leah: I went home and told him right away. He was fine with it, and then he saw the actual footage and wasn't fine with it. I guess the way I said it was kind of like, "Oh, I kind of kissed a guy on TV." Then he saw it and was like, "No, you were flirting with this guy the entire show, and then on top of that, you made out with him." Needless to say, he was not cool about it, and we are not together anymore. Any chance you and Hosea will hang out again?
Leah: It's totally a friend thing, but we're going to film the reunion soon, and we'll get to hang out.