Ifran Khan Ifran Khan

Cheers to Irrfan Khan for his tour de force on In Treatment.

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The intensely charismatic Bollywood veteran best known in the U.S. for his role as the police inspector in Slumdog Millionaire has been the breakout star of the HBO therapy drama's third season as Sunil, a widowed Indian immigrant who clashes with his Anglo daughter-in-law (Lost's Sonya Walger). In the season finale, Sunil was deported back to India after a physical confrontation — but not before he revealed this had been his plan all along and that he'd used shrink Paul (Gabriel Byrne) as his pawn.

Khan's talent for depicting deception and manipulation should serve him well in his next major role — as Nels Van Adder, aka supervillain Proto-Goblin, in director Marc Webb's upcoming big-screen revamp of Spider-Man (not to be confused with the seemingly ill-fated Broadway musical). Our Spidey senses tell us that will win Khan even more fans.

Did Irrfan Khan impress you on In Treatment?

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