Will Forte Will Forte

Cheers to Will Forte for rustling up another late-night gig.

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With his titular role in the box-office bomb MacGruber

, Forte didn't exactly leave Saturday Night Live in a blaze of glory. After an uninspired reprise of his recurring role on How I Met Your Mother

, he triumphantly rode back to sketch-ville — atop a stuffed buffalo, no less — as TBS founder Ted Turner in a screamingly funny bit on Conan.Adopting a drawl — and snarl — similar to his SNL characterization of another Georgia hothead — Sen. Zell Miller — "Turner" uproariously insulted both Conan ("when I left TBS, it was a premier entertainment destination — now they hired some freckled rooster on stilts to destroy it!") and his audience ("you marijuana-smoking, Fig Newton-eating beatniks...the reefer makes them crave the Newtons, Conan!"). Forte may not be ready for primetime — I'm dreading his upcoming reappearance on 30 Rock as Jenna's drag- doppelganger boyfriend — but he's right at home in late night.Do you think Will returned to his forte on Conan?

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