Terry Crews Terry Crews

Jeers to Are We There Yet? for typecasting Terry Crews.

Taking over Ice Cube's big-screen role as a put-upon stepfather Nick Parsons in TBS' watered-down new sitcom, Crews is essentially rehashing his grumpy-dad shtick from the vastly superior 2005-2009 comedy Everybody Hates Chris. (In this week's episode, Nick got bent out of shape when he found out his stepson prefers soccer over American football — ain't that a kick in the head!) The ex-NFL lineman is capable of tackling edgier projects, as anybody who's seen his wacky Old Spice commercials can attest. Here's hoping Crews' parts in the summer flicks Lottery Ticket (opposite Ice Cube) and The Expendables (with Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke) provide him better opportunities to flex his acting muscles.

Do you think Terry Crews deserves better than Are We There Yet?

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