Terrence Howard Terrence Howard

Cheers to Terrence Howard for his passionate performance on Law & Order: Los Angeles.

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As suave Deputy DA Jonah Dekker, the Oscar-nominated actor (Hustle & Flow) may be the most purely charismatic cast member on any L&O show since Chris Noth. And when he butts heads with Peter Coyote's more politically minded DA, it's a battle of seductively gravelly voices to rival Alec Baldwin and Will Arnett's verbal smackdowns on 30 Rock.

Howard fits more comfortably into the format than his cohort, Alfred Molina. Plus, their job-sharing deal means Howard can still squeeze in film gigs, like his upcoming role as Nelson Mandela (opposite Jennifer Hudson) in Winnie.

Do you agree Terrence Howard has made a convincing case for himself on LOLA?

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