Stephen King Stephen King

Jeers to Sons of Anarchy for stalling out with its stunt casting of Stephen King.

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The horror novelist — an avowed fan of FX's biker-gang drama — popped up in a cameo as "Bachman" (an elbow-in-the-ribs reference to his nom de plume Richard Bachman). A cleaner brought in to erase evidence of a crime, he was hired after Gemma (Katey Sagal) accidentally killed the caretaker of her Alzheimer's-afflicted dad (Hal Holbrook). Think Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction, with one huge difference: Keitel can act.

King's wooden line readings drove a stake through any hope of credibility for the character. If SOA wants to be considered an A-list drama come Emmy time, it'll need to avoid cute in-jokes that bring the storytelling to a proverbial screeching halt.

Do you think Stephen King turned Sons of Anarchy into a Dead Zone?

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