Stacy Keach Stacy Keach

Cheers to Lights Out for putting Stacy Keach back into the ring.

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The veteran character actor has been knocked down a few times — most notably, he was incarcerated for cocaine possession in the mid-'80s, interrupting his run as hard-nosed PI Mike Hammer, and suffered a mild stroke in 2009. But he's returned to fighting form as Pops Leary, the tough-talking trainer who pressures his son "Lights" (Holt McAllany) to resume boxing against the wishes of his wife — and the advice of his doctor.

Back in 1972, Keach gave one of his finest performances as a similarly over-the-hill boxer in John Huston's Fat City, opposite a young Jeff Bridges as his protege. Despite decades of fine work in projects ranging from the sitcom Titus to the shocking big-screen drama American History X, he's never been nominated for an Oscar or won an Emmy (his sole nomination was for playing the title role in 1988's Hemingway). Thanks to his stellar turn in FX's Lights Out, Keach could finally be a contender.

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