Michael Cristofer Michael Cristofer

Cheers to Rubicon for crossing the finish line in fine style.

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The first season of AMC's conspiracy thriller ended with a relatively action-packed episode that answered some key questions while leaving others hanging. James Badge Dale's intelligence analyst Will Travers finally put together all the pieces of the puzzle to determine how API, his thinktank, had manipulated tragic world events for profit and confronted one of the masterminds behind the plan, Truxton Spangler (the brilliantly chilling

Michael Cristofer). Meanwhile, Will's ex-bedmate, Andy (Annie Parisse), was revealed to be an operative — who was sadly unable to save widow Katherine Rhumor (Miranda Richardson) from being murdered in the middle of Central Park.Will's next move is still undetermined — will he go public with the information, and will anybody care? And what will Truxton do now that he's been sent the kiss-of-death four-leaf clover from his childhood friends who formed the evil cabal? The marginally rated Rubicon could use a good-luck charm, as AMC hasn't announced if it'll be brought back. Hope the cable net doesn't conspire to kill it before these loose ends get wrapped up.Do you think Rubicon deserves a renewal?

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