Rose Byrne Rose Byrne

Cheers to Rose Byrne for sprouting up everywhere.

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After costarring in two of the summer's biggest box-office hits—X-Men: First Class (on DVD and Blu-Ray today) and Bridesmaids—the Aussie actress seamlessly segued back into her Emmy-nominated role as an ambitious attorney on DirecTV's Damages. A peek at next week's season finale reveals Byrne's Ellen Parsons again holding her own against Glenn Close's Patty Hewes. And the cliffhanger setting up Season 5 is a doozy!

As if she weren't busy enough, Byrne also turned up as a guest judge on this week's Project Runway. It was almost shocking to hear her actual Australian accent after the flawless American-ese she's spoken in Damages and many of her films. It just goes to show a Rose with any other voice is just as sweet.

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