Romola Garai Romola Garai

Cheers to Romola Garai for her starmaking turn on The Hour.

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The voluptuous British actress is making a big noise as Bel Rowley, the ambitious producer of a 1950's TV newsmagazine on BBC America's thrilling new drama. In this week's episode, the triangle between Bel, her muckraking chum Freddie (Ben Whishaw) and womanizing anchorman Hector (The Wire's Dominic West) plays out with delightful complications during a weekend trip to a country house.Garai, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for the miniseries Emma, can also currently be seen on the big screen in One Day. If only she'd played the film's female lead instead of a horribly miscast Anne Hathaway, its theatrical shelf life might've lasted longer than one week.Are you enjoying Romola Garai's time on The Hour?

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