Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander

Jeers to Rizzoli & Isles for giving Bill O'Reilly more (hot) airtime.

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The Fox News Channel blowhard gave an unconvincing performance as himself in a laughable episode of TNT's inexplicably popular crime drama. As if Rizzoli's annoying mom, Angela ( Lorraine Bracco), weren't ridiculous enough, now we're supposed to believe she has a mad crush on O'Reilly ("He has the most beautiful Irish blue eyes... I'm stimulated watching him")?The script threw a few jabs at

The O'Reilly Factor host in a weak attempt to be fair and balanced, but it was clear by the episode's end where the show's sympathies lie ("He's really very nice," concluded Sasha Alexander's Isles). You don't suppose the fact that star Angie Harmon is a Sarah Palin supporter who spoke at the 2004 GOP convention had anything to do with this cameo, do you? So much for liberal media bias!What did you think of Rizzoli & Isles' winter premiere?

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