Alexia Echevarria Alexia Echevarria

Cheers to Bravo for achieving the seemingly impossible: getting a heterosexual man to sit through an entire Real Housewives episode.

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I tried to make it through The Real Housewives of New York City because I work there — couldn't do it. I tried to make it through The Real Housewives of New Jersey because I live there — couldn't do it. But The Real Housewives of Miami hooked me, from "Cuban Barbie" Alexia — who insists "there's a lot more to me than just the physical beauty on the outside" — to Marysol, a cougar who says she gets along with her much younger boyfriend because "we're at the same mental level" (and whose self-proclaimed "witch" of a mother looks like a puma!).

Plus, there was the reassuring presence of NBA veteran Scottie Pippen, whose wife, Larsa, bemoaned the difficulty of finding time to work out and shop ("being married to Scottie, you almost have to be in shape and look cute") and his old Chicago Bulls teammate Dennis Rodman, who attended one of Lea's charity events (is he really the guy you want at your party?). Another Real Housewife, Cristy, was married to ex-Miami Heat star Glen Rice, but he didn't appear in the first episode, possibly because, according to her, "we don't get along as well as we did when we were first divorced." You know what? I might just tune in next week to see if he shows up!

Admit it, my fellow straight men: Did you watch The Real Housewives of Miami 

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