Project Runway Project Runway

Jeers to Lifetime for letting the seams out of Project Runway too much.

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As reality shows ranging from The Bachelor

and Dancing With the Stars to The X Factor and (ironically) The Biggest Loser have swelled to two hours, the cable network has searched for a way to fill out the half-hour after each 90-minute episode of Project Runway. The ill-fitting companion pieces have included Models of the Runway, On the Road with Austin & Santino, Russian Dolls and Dance Moms.Now Lifetime has come up with the unimaginatively titled Project Runway: After the Runway, a Watch What Happens (but not live!) knockoff chat show in which the designers comb over clips we've already seen. The first episode didn't explain the mysterious absence of one of the remaining competitors, Laura Kathleen. Maybe they were hoping the presence of Season 3 also-ran-turned-blogger Laura Bennett (who predictably clashed with Joshua) would distract us. But the whole show just felt like padding. Sometimes, in TV, as in fashion, less is more.What did you think of Project Runway: After the Runway?

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