Miss Piggy on Project Runway: All-Stars Miss Piggy on Project Runway: All-Stars

Cheers to Project Runway: All Stars for serving up a real diva: Miss Piggy.

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I'll admit I turned up my nose when I first heard the contenders on Lifetime's reality show would be making cocktail dresses for a Muppet, but by the end of the episode, I was in hog heaven. The challenge brought out the best in some of the contestants — like Rami, whose flouncy polka-dot number Piggy favorably compared to a candy-shop explosion, and Michael, who won for the second week in a row. (Meanwhile, Gordana lost for a dress that was simply too pretty in pink.)

The episode's true ham turned out to be fellow guest judge Eric Daman, the Sex and the City/Gossip Girl costume designer who kept making cracks about Miss Piggy's big ears. She finally put him in his place with a well-timed karate chop. Kermit must've been green with envy.

What did you think of last night's Project Runway: All Stars?

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