Parker Posey Parker Posey

Jeers to The Big C for bringing out the worst in Parker Posey.

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In its second season, Showtime's cancer-themed comedy has embraced its aggressively quirky side, much to its own detriment. Even the deservedly Emmy-nominated Laura Linney can't keep the show grounded in reality anymore. And The Big C only got more irritatingly twee with the addition of indie-film curio Posey as Poppy P. Kowalski (even her name, an in-joke on the actress' own floral moniker as well as her Superman Returns henchwoman Kitty Kowalski, is annoying).

Poppy creepily meets Linney's teenage son, Adam (Gabriel Basso), in a Kids with Cancer chatroom and proceeds to accompany him to the funeral of his uncle's miscarriage. (Don't ask.) How do we know Poppy is a free spirit? She wears a knit cap! And drives an AMC Pacer! And screams "I don't have an inside voice!" in the middle of a café! The episode's clichéd moral was "Don't delay the happy," but if this series keeps Posey around much longer, the happy might not just be postponed — it could be Cancelled with a Big C.

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