Timothy Olyphant Timothy Olyphant

Jeers to The Office for failing to justify Timothy Olyphant's guest gig.

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The charismatic Justified star has proven wildly overqualified for the job of playing Danny Cordray, a rival paper salesman hired away by Michael Scott. The twist? He'd dated Pam briefly four years earlier and never called her back. The problem? The Office hasn't given Olyphant anything funny to do — his role has been entirely reactive. He didn't even get to dress up in a costume for a Halloween episode! (Hint: Justified and Deadwood fans know he looks great in a cowboy hat.)

Olyphant fans (Olyphans?) jonesing for a more satisfying fix will have to wait until early next year, when Justified returns for its second season on FX. Here's a taste: Lost's Jeremy Davies will join the cast as Dickie Bennett, a pot farmer with deep Kentucky roots who tangles with Olyphant's marshal Raylan Givens. Now we're really craving Season 2.

Were you disappointed The Office hasn't given Timothy Olyphant more to do?

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