Nurse Jackie Nurse Jackie

Jeers to Nurse Jackie for its ill-conceived third season.  

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We still love Emmy winner (and Tony nominee!) Edie Falco, but frankly we're starting to get a little sick of her Showtime dramedy. Maybe it's because the show never goes away long enough for us to miss it — we became accustomed to the long waits between seasons of

The Sopranos, but every time we turn around, Jackie checks back in for another round.But the real problem is the characters aren't growing — and the plotlines aren't progressing. Jackie's still a pill-popping mess, and even the revelation to her hospital coworkers that she's married didn't give the show the defibrillator jolt it needs. True, Jackie's paramour (Paul Schulze) is now romantically pursuing her sister-in-law (Jaimie Alexander), but that twist hasn't kept Nurse Jackie from turning into the TV equivalent of a tranquilizer.Are you ready to kick the Nurse Jackie habit?

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